DentaGuard All-Natural Rawhide Chews are clinically proven dental health products that have been shown to physically remove dental plaque during chewing and reduce the formation of calculus (tartar) in controlled clinical studies. These benefits help to prevent Periodontal Disease, the most common disease that occurs in dogs. Periodontal Disease is an infection of the gums that is painful and is associated with bad breath and tooth loss. It is completely preventable through regular plaque removal by measures including toothbrushing and chewing fibrous materials such as DentaGuard All-Natural Chews.

Dogs love rawhide and especially DentaGuard All-Natural Rawhide Chews. The bacon flavored chews are made with American beefhide, which has been chopped, minced, extruded and dried, making it much safer than traditional rawhide and fully digestible. DentaGuard Chews are an ALL-NATURAL product with NO chemical additives, NO artificial flavors and NO preservatives. And it is made using beefhide from cattle raised in the USA.