What Makes DentaGuard Chews Unique?

Have you wondered what makes DentaGuard Rawhide Chews unique?

Quality Chews that are Safe
DentaGuard chews are made from premium American beefhide and they have not been soaked in bleach or harmful chemicals. We kill the bacteria with a special heating process instead of arsenic chemicals used in foreign products. We use a proprietary process to finely chop the hide and then extrude the product which ensures the fibrous chews are fully digestible and do not create a choking hazard.
Dental Benefits
DentaGuard chews fibrous nature acts like dental floss which allows for better removal of plaque and debris from teeth. Additionally, the unique X-shape design works mechanically to scrub dogs’ teeth.
Clinically ProvenDentaGuard Graph
The results of clinical trials in dogs indicate that the daily use of DentaGuard Rawhide Chews results in improved dental health with decreases in dental tartar, plaque, gingivitis, and oral malodor.
DentaGuard chews are coated with an all-natural bacon flavoring to enhance the taste of the dental chew so dogs will enjoy a tasty treat that helps clean their teeth and freshen breath.

If you are looking for a safe, high quality treat for your dog that helps improve their dental health, visit a retailer near you to purchase a bag of DentaGuard chews today!